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Please click here to have your username and/or password emailed to you.
Your password is case-sensitive, so please make sure you have typed it exactly as you did when you initially created it.
Kids: Once logged in, you may update your email address or change your password. For security reasons, you cannot change your username.
Parents: Once logged in, there are several updateable fields. If you update your address, phone number or household email, these changes will also be reflected in your children’s accounts. Since things change, you are also able to update education, employment, income, marital status and last name. Keeping your profile updated helps us send surveys that are relevant to you. If you click the “View My Household” tab located at the upper right side of your screen, you are able to make changes to your child(ren)’s accounts.
Simply login using your parent username and password and click on the “Add A Child” tab on the upper right side of your screen. Once there, complete the form and choose how you’d like to permission this new member. Remember, children must be 6-12 years old to be part of KidzEyes, but you can add children 0-5 years old to your household’s account. This will make it simpler for them to join when they turn 6. Additionally, we occasionally have surveys where we want to hear from parents with children under 6.
This really depends on how busy we are, but we try to invite you to at least 1-2 surveys a month. Keep in mind, sometimes we want to hear from boys only or girls only or maybe older kids for one survey and younger kids for another. We know a lot of you want more surveys and we do our best to invite you to surveys designed for you.
If it has been more than a few weeks, it’s possible that our emails are getting caught up in your Junk/SPAM folders. Please add memberinfo@kidzeyes.com to your contacts/safe senders list. If you aren’t sure how to do this, feel free to ask your parents for help. Also, you can always login to your account and click the “Available Surveys” button to see if there’s a survey waiting for you.








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