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KidzEyes is an online research panel composed of kids’ ages 6-12 years old that live in the United States. KidzEyes is a division of C+R Research, a full-service marketing research firm that opened its doors in Chicago in 1959.

Please note: Only families currently residing in the U.S. are eligible for KidzEyes.
KidzEyes is a website that conducts COPPA-compliant market research among 6-12 year old kids. We have clients that are interested in hearing kids’ opinions in order to provide better products and services for children. Sometimes our clients are interested in hearing parents’ opinions too, in which case, you will help earn your child(ren) additional KidzPoints.
You are able to participate in KidzEyes wherever you have access to the Internet. Typically, you’ll receive an email invitation to complete a survey, but you can also check the “Available Surveys” area of your account in case you don’t always have access to your email.
After your parent or guardian grants you permission to join KidzEyes, you’ll receive 1-2 surveys a month. You’ll also be invited to our monthly SuperPoll survey, where you can win prizes and even more KidzPoints!
A lot of kids enjoy being a part of KidzEyes because not only do you get to share your opinions, but you’ll earn rewards that can be redeemed for a check, once you’ve earned 1000 KidzPoints.

You’ll also be one of the first people to learn about new products and you’ll be rewarded for telling us how you honestly feel about these things. Some of the things you may be asked about include: food, clothing, toys, games, TV shows, music, technology, the environment, school and more.
First, a parent or guardian needs to complete the registration form. Once we have parental permission, you should start to receive email invitations to complete surveys within 1-2 weeks.










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