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KidzEyes is a website that conducts COPPA-compliant market research among 6-12 year old kids. We have clients that are interested in hearing kids’ opinions in order to provide you better products and services. Sometimes our clients are interested in hearing parents’ opinions too, in which case, you will help earn your child(ren) additional KidzPoints.
In order to become a member of KidzEyes, you will need your parent/guardian to complete the brief registration survey, which can be found here. You are able to register multiple kids at a time, so the sign-up survey only needs to be completed one time per household.

Once this has been completed, the parent/guardian will need to provide permission for each child registered. The registration survey allows several options for granting permission. Once we receive parental permission, your child(ren)’s accounts become active and they are now members of KidzEyes.
For most surveys, your child(ren) will earn at least 50 KidzPoints. We do value your time and make sure the rewards take the length of the survey into account. Essentially, the longer a survey is, the higher the reward.












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