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Once you have earned 1000 KidzPoints (worth $10), you may request a check through the website. You need to login with your personal (child) username and password. Once logged in, simply click on “Redeem” to request a check. Please be sure to double-check the address and name, as that is where and who the check will be mailed to. If the address is incorrect, please have your parent login using their username and password to update the household’s mailing address. Once that has been updated, re-login with your account and click redeem.
You should receive your check within 4 weeks of requesting it. If it has been longer than 4 weeks, please send us an email with your username and we will look into it.
When you turn 13, you will automatically “graduate” to our teen panel, TeensEyes. You will receive an email from us on your birthday welcoming you to TeensEyes. Your username and password will remain the same. Additionally, your entire balance of KidzPoints will be moved over to your new TeensEyes account. If you are already 13 and didn’t see our Happy Birthday email, just go to www.TeensEyes.com and login with your KidzEyes username and password.
If you want to opt-out of KidzEyes for any reason, please have your parent login using their username and password. Once logged in, click on the “View My Household” tab on the upper right side of your screen. At this point, you will see your child(ren) that are members of KidzEyes. Please click the “Close my account” button under each child you’d like to remove from KidzEyes.
Simply click on the email link from the survey invitation you had problems with and let us know what happened. This will help us troubleshoot things quicker and resolve whatever problem you may have had.

If you already deleted the invitation, please let us know what the survey was about, as this will help us determine which survey you had problems with.








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